Saturday, November 22, 2014

Magical Egypt - John Anthony West

Magical Egypt

Episode 1: The Invisible Science
Episode 2: The Old Kingdom & the Still Older Kingdom
Episode 3: Descent
Episode 4: The Temple in Man
Episode 5: Navigating the Afterlife
Episode 6: Legacy
Episode 7: Illumination
Episode 8: Cosmology

There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources. The remarkable number of parallels in these stories provides a unique window into this other Egypt.

A new kind of counterculture is emerging around the unexpected discoveries of a small but growing circle of scientists, authors and researchers. The focal point of this counterculture centers on an alternative interpretation of ancient Egypt -- not as mankind's earliest attempts at primitive civilization, but as a fully developed, and inexplicably advanced culture, who's scientific and metaphysical achievements we are only beginning to fully appreciate.

Magical Egypt - The Invisible Science Part 1 of 8

Magical Egypt - The Old Kingdom & the Still Older Kingdom Part 2 of 8

Magical Egypt - Descent Part 3 of 8

Magical Egypt - The Temple in Man Part 4 of 8

Magical Egypt - Navigating the Afterlife Part 5 of 8

Magical Egypt - Legacy Part 6 of 8

Magical Egypt - Illumination Part 7 of 8

Magical Egypt - Cosmology Part 8 of 8

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Experience at Awake and Aware 2011 - Jordan Maxwell - Dean Haglund - Bob Dean

Jordan Maxwell - Dean Haglund - Bob Dean - An Experience at Awake and Aware 2011
An Experience at Awake and Aware 2011 part 1 of 4 with Jordan Maxwell, Bob Dean, George Noory, Dean Haglund, Richard Hoagland, Aaron McCollum, Josef Dolezal, Jakub Dolezal, etc.
Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions - Mark Gungor

Mark Gungor — Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions 
Mark Gungor, very popular speaker and couch on marriage relationships, answers questions like:

— Is there such a thing as a soul mate?
— Why marriage is a hard work?
— Can your mate meet all your needs?
— How much of the job is my part in marriage?
— Why communication is now so hard while it was so easy before marriage?
— Why can't my spouse say exactly when he or she means?
— Why women need to TAKE things from their men?
— Why doesn't your husband do what you tell him?
— Why isn't my marriage as perfect as other people's?
— Do spouses need to do same things together all the time?
— Why does my man do what he does, for what reasons?
— Judging your spouse in a positive way.
— Man's role in building up his wife's and children's self-image.
— Why man can't focus completely on work and providing for his family?
— Is it possible to have great sex life in marriage?
— Can the effects of pornography and masturbation be reversed?
— Is masturbation okay when you are separated for longs periods of time?
— Who should initiate sex?
— Is it okay to use sex to get what you want?
— What if my husband wants sex all the time?
— What do I do if sex is boring?

Finding Soul Mate & Other Questions